Sunday, May 27, 2012

The History of Art Forgery

Until the 14th century, nearly 1000 years of Christianity dominated the market with their own fighting arts standards. All art turned against Christian symbols, especially for the decoration of the church. In the 14-15th-century wealthy merchant and banker to the art buyer. Originally from Italy and then France, Britain, Spain, etc. followed. With the rise of the art market, as well as replica and forgery increased. Especially Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael and Albrecht Dürer became famous. However it is difficult to say if all the copies were made with the purpose of counterfeiting, because many artists such as Michelangelo has copied their masters students to learn and practice. Usually painters sell copies of her students to do as a way to pay off to teach them.

The first art gallery was built at the beginning of the 18th century in England. And also the famous auction house Christie's and Sotheby's was founded in the second half of this century in London. In the late 18th and early 19th-century art museum established throughout Europe and the people began painting professionally documented in the catalog.

Until the first world war, people do not really worry about the copy of the painting. This particular change with a new copyright law that better protects the artists at this time. But many old works in the public domain - such as a thumb rule all created before 1920 is in the public domain.

Among the most fake painting is the "Mona Lisa" by Michelangelo, Albrecht Dürer self-portrait of "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt to name a few. But it also presents the art of fake art museum recently opened, usually with no other attractions. Strangely Vienna also has a museum of fake art as well, although it must attract tourists to the cultural richness as well. So it seems the art of counterfeiting is still a trend since the 4th century BC.

Currently there are weapons of forensic tools to determine whether a painting is the original or a modern copy. But if you are not a serious art investor with pockets full of money, probably a copy of an old masterpiece can also inspire you at home. Pablo Picasso once said "Everything you can imagine is real".

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Dance of Romance

The Rumba is a very popular Latin dances enjoyed in social dancing and performed professionally in ballroom dance competitions worldwide. The word rumba comes from rumbear mean length, which means partying, dancing, and having fun, and, if you ever danced rumba, you will probably agree that this is a good time for you and your partner. Many rumba dancers may be surprised to hear that there are two types of rumba. Type done in a professional ballroom dancing, wearing elaborate costumes rumba, is the form most people are familiar with.

However, rumba can also refer to a group dance with Afro-Cuban heritage is very different in style.

Ballroom rumba is the slowest of the Latin ballroom dances. But this does not mean it is boring, by any means. The rumba is one of the most romantic and sensual dance of the ballroom, including a slow, different body movements, especially in the hip.

Shopping for a Latin dance costumes for sale is an important part of preparation for Latin ballroom dancers for their big event. You may have all the right moves, but without the right clothes, you will fail to make a good impression on the judges.

You will rarely find a special dress called rumba costume, but you will find many Latin ballroom dress for sale that should fit your needs perfectly, because a lot of Latin dance and dress styles have similar characteristics.

Latin dance costume for sale bring different characteristics that distinguish them from other ballroom dancewear. You'll see more sequins, beads, shiny fabrics and bold colors.

Cuts and styles of Latin ballroom dress for sale is also fitted with a unique style of Latin dancing. Latin costumes tend to show more skin, which adds to the appeal of sensual dance while remaining elegant and tasteful.

Since the slower rumba, it's not important that your costume fits as snugly to avoid slipping, but you still want something that allows you both the freedom and comfort.

Most importantly, the rumba is both passionate and romantic in the form and choose a costume to wear while dancing should show the same properties.

So whether you Rumba for fun, for friendship, romance, or for competition (which can include all of), do not forget to have fun.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

10 Easy Painting Techniques for Beginners

1. Basically the first thing that I do is decide what spectrum of colors to use. Whether I want my painting to have a dark cold/warm theme, or a bright hopeful theme. When you have an understanding on how colors will look when painted together on canvas it will be much easier to begin.

2. Block out all of the colors that you think you will be using on the canvas. Just color them in as you see fit (you will be painting many layers here so don't worry). As you paint you will learn how certain colors look painted on top of black, or how the colors will "pop" off of the page.

3. Don't use just basic colors. Mix a little blue with your black, or some red to create a subtle red effect showing through once the black dries.

4. Go light at first. The more acrylic without water then the more glossy and less opaque your paint will dry. You can dilute the acrylic with water and have it work for you as a water color will.

5. Don't be afraid to try something new. No you can't erase, but you may always cover up sections and repaint it.

6. I know in my experience I will add to my painting until I either come up with something awesome or straight up ruin it. Know when to be content.

7. Never finish the painting in one sitting. After staring at any object for hours on end you start to look to deeply into it and will almost always get frustrated when you can't figure out what is missing. Work on it in stages. I always do my basic layer and a little more. Then I will set it in a place where I will see it in passing throughout the day. A day or two later I magically know what it is I need to add or remove. It is amazing and you can continue your painting with a clear un-biased mind.

8. If painting on a Canvas surface, use a gesso as a prime layer before you begin. Wait for it to dry and sand the surface down to be very smooth. This will give you a wonderful surface to work your acrylics into.

9. It's good to be critical of your own work, but understand that painting is not a skill you are just instantly a pro at. It takes time to learn how everything will look once it is dry, there are many brush techniques that I will cover in another post. Also be able to take criticism, it will only make you better.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Realize Your Dreams of Becoming a Celebrity

Everybody in this world is blessed with some or the other unique skills and talents. Once you have discovered your talents and successfully revealed them to the world, you can easily achieve fame and fortune that you crave for.

People with specialized talents such as singing, acting, dancing and others are looking for opportunities to perform and show their true natural endowments. However, it is not an easy task to find a perfect platform to expose your unique talents, and this where open casting calls come for your rescue.

What are casting auditions?

They are events conducted by the talent hunters, where anyone and everyone are welcomed to display their unique skills. It is a beautiful concept and it gives several young and old an opportunity to give their best shot.

If you want to get noticed for what you have in you, then open casting calls are the best choices. In order to get recognized, you could attend as many casting auditions as you can. These calls are generally free and thus, you do not have to pay anything to perform or get noticed.

You'll have a lot of question in your mind like how do these auditions benefit you, how can you get a chance to attend one, where can you find more information on the recent opening calls and many more. All your questions will be answered in minutes, once you surf the internet. Most of talent hunters place an advertisement on the net to reach a wide segment of candidates.

You could also check your local newspapers more information. However, the most effective way of finding out about any auditions is by networking. It is better to meet more people, ask them about what is happening, and offer your services to help them than relying on advertisements.

If you are looking for opportunity of your lifetime in fields like modeling, acting or singing, then here is how you need to go about:

Acting open casting calls:

One of the ideal ways to get into acting business is by appearing in commercials. You'll slowly and steadily make your way to better acting roles. There are several directors and producers who are looking for new faces for their commercials. You could attend as many commercial auditions as you can, whether it is for 60 seconds or 2 minutes. All you need to do is give your best shot and make it a stepping stone for your acting career.

Modeling casting auditions:

If you are good looking and modeling is what you would like to do, then ensure that you have a good portfolio. You could approach a professional photographer and organize for a shoot. This competitive field needs your sheer hard work, and the efforts that you put in can be portrayed successfully by attending casting calls.

Singing free auditions:

Have you been often appreciated for your beautiful voice and how well you sing? If yes, then it's the time for you to attend singing auditions. These calls will help you express your talents in a much better way and give you a head start as a successful singer. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a casting call in your city and make your life as a singer that you always wanted to be.
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