Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Test Your Plastic Surgery IQ With These 10 True Or False Questions

Do you think you have the right ideas on "fact versus fiction" when it comes to Plastic Surgery? Test your knowledge with these ten "True or False?" questions.
Lasers work better than Botox® for most facial wrinkles.
FALSE - There is no laser and no surgical procedure (face lift, brow lift, etc.) that can even come close to duplicating the degree of wrinkle removal and the kind of natural and sophisticated results of Botox®. Factor in the cost differences, the risk differences, and the cumulative, long-term benefits of Botox® (over a one-time procedure) and it's even more of a "no contest".
A Face lift lasts about 10 years.
FALSE - Most face lift techniques today will create a look which turns back the clock and should result in a degree of rejuvenation where you never look your age or older again. As you continue to age, your face will age too, just not in proportion time-wise. Even after 10 years, you should still look better than what you would have otherwise. It's not unusual at all for the original pre-op photos to look worse than the 10 year post-op photos!
There is no good procedure for the "rolls" of fat ("back fat") that bulge above, below and inside the bra on the sides of the chest/back.
FALSE - Liposuction has revolutionized the treatment of these problem "rolls". Successful recontouring of the sides, especially when done along with the hips/love handles, is routinely performed. This can really make for a dramatic improvement in the curviness and sculpted look of the female form.
The Board Certification process to become a Plastic Surgeon typically takes 10 years or more to complete.
TRUE - After 4 years of college and then 4 years of medical school, most aspiring plastic surgeons will then have to spend another 5 - 7 years in surgical residency training. Then, add in 1 - 2 more years as a working surgeon, after which they must take very rigorous written and oral plastic surgery exams (which include photographs of their results for review) spaced out over 1- 2 years. If all that is satisfactorily accomplished, they will have earned the right to say that they are Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Not including college or medical school, this is easily a 10 year or more process.
Exercise is a good option for improving loose, inelastic, "stretchy" and stretch-marked skin of the lower abdomen.
FALSE - No exercise, no cream, and no diet can make loose, inelastic skin such as commonly occurs with the lower abdomen tight again. Nor will any laser treatment or any form of liposuction in most cases. The only way to reliably and definitively correct this type of problem is with a "tummy tuck".
Many women can avoid the scars of a breast lift procedure by getting breast implants instead.
TRUE - A well-conceived and properly performed breast augmentation can fill out, reshape, and restore a very lovely look to the breasts using only a typical tiny crease incision. A breast lift is a longer procedure requiring a number of long incisions which can then turn into unattractive scars. Fortunately, many women who initially thought that they might need a lift because of an empty, droopy look to their breasts will find that they can get a very nice result with an augmentation alone and not need the lift. Having a consultation to determine if this is a realistic option is the key.
Dissolvable stitches can rarely be used in most cosmetic operations.
FALSE - Most plastic surgeons use as many dissolvable stitches as possible to eliminate the need (and the stress) for anyone to have any stitches removed post-op. Commonly though, for some procedures there are also often a few key stitches which cannot be dissolvable because the strength and support needs cannot be compromised. But 3 or 4 that have to be removed compared to the dozens that they had to in the past would seem to be a fair trade!
Fat as an "injectable" is always preferable to the fillers because it will last permanently.
FALSE - Small, discrete areas (such as for wrinkles, scars, even lips) in need of modest or minimal "filling" are much more practically and economically treatable with "fillers" than would be the case with fat. Also, fat can stay quite swollen for an extended period of time (possibly weeks), making it a poor choice for someone with high social visibility and limited time to be out of the public eye. For larger areas or for those situations where a lot more volume is desired (such as the buttocks) fat becomes the more practical choice. It is true, however, that once the healing process has completed, any fat which has not resorbed will very likely last indefinitely.
The effects of Botox® are instantaneous.
FALSE - Botox® does not reveal its working effects immediately. The wrinkle-erasing results creep in slowly, starting typically within a day or two of treatment and not reaching full effect for a week or two. After that, the results of Botox® will usually effectively last for about 3 - 6 months.
All neck lift procedures require surgical incisions.
FALSE - Most neck lifts today are actually performed with liposuction, especially with Smartlipo. This typically requires nothing more than one or two tiny nicks in the skin (like a paper cut) for the entire procedure to be performed. No operating room and no surgical incisions (in the traditional sense) are needed.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Life Insurance: Your Personal Investment

         An important personal investment you can make is buying life insurance. The reason for the statement is because life insurance will bring you and your family to a nothing-to-worry future because the unexpected costs, especially related to special this as you pass away, will be handled by the life insurance company you have chosen as your partner. This is the proof why buying life insurance is very beneficial not only for you but your family and children as well. However, you should know that buying life insurance is not an instant process so that you have to buy carefully.
         Well, buying life insurance is not an instant process so that you have to buy one carefully. What I mean by carefully here is you have to make sure that you buy the one fits your needs and your condition. In this case, it is wise that you compare some different life insurances as well as the life insurance quotes. When you do this, it means that you are selective enough to decide what best for your future is. Here, I will share a link with you about where to go to compare the quotes and finding other information you need related to life insurance. Compare it now!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Easy and Easy Necessities For Payday Loans

         Life may be therefore arduous after you notice some difficulties and you have got no plan regarding the way to solve notice the reply. You will think that your life is not any longer traditional in order that you have got to form a sort of effort to form it traditional once more. Once the difficulties or the issues return as monetary problems, what you will do to bring your life back to traditional is purchase applying for the loan. During this case, you are councils to use for the payday loans if you wish the cash terribly quickly.
        When you apply for payday loan, you have got to recollect that you just should be qualified to use for the loan. Basically, the payday loan should incline solely to the someone who is legal supported the law. One in all the qualification is that the age. You have got to be sufficiently old to use for the loan. Another factor is that you just have the employment of that you get the regular remuneration from the work. If you factor that you just square measure qualified for those easy necessities, you will directly apply for the online payday loans obtainable. I even have already given links for you to attach to the simplest one. Check this out.

Car Insurance for Sudden Moment

         It is well understood that owning automobile brings some consequences that you simply cannot avoid. The primary issue you have to recollect is that you simply got to maintain your automobile fastidiously to form positive that your automobile can performs  a bit likes what you expect and like. Another issue you will is typically you have to pay some cash to pay the value of service each the regular one and also the sudden one once your automobile gets a drag. If the sudden expense doesn't need you money, you are not during a hassle. However if this one forces you to pay plenty, you have to place confidence in shopping for auto insurance.
         It is terribly cheap that your automobile might gets some damages either once you drive it or once you park the automobile. Shopping for automobile insurance may be a sensible plan for you to avoid obtaining monetary issues once you expertise the dangerous issue. During this case, you will realize and purchase the automobile insurance by scrutiny automobile insurance quotes also because the completely different corporations that offer you the product. You have to recollect that differing types of automobile insurance might offers you completely different coverage. Realize the simplest one now!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Add Practice Routines to Improve Your Performances?

As humans, we're creatures of habit. We tend to fall into the same routines day in and day out, whether we realize it or not. We can let this ruin our performances, if we form bad habits, or we can use it to greatly improve our stage presence by building a routine of good habits.

Think about how many people fail at keeping up with their New Year's Resolutions (have you kept yours?). The predominant reason for that is most people make their resolutions too vague. They say something like "I'm going to practice guitar five times a week." That's bound for failure due to lack of specificity.

Someone much more likely to succeed would be the person who says "I'll practice guitar Mondays - Fridays from 8pm to 9pm. And If I have to miss one of those practices, Saturday will be my back-up day from 8pm to 9pm." THAT person is bound to make that his practice routine happen. He has a plan. He worked a routine into his day. He played into the fact that we're creatures of habit and used it in a positive way.

As far as rehearsing for your shows, you should be very specific about when you'll do it, and what you'll be doing. You'll be much more likely to succeed with a rehearsal schedule by doing it that way.

It may be difficult to stick to the schedules you set for yourself when you first add them into your daily or weekly routine. That's why if you're vague about adding a new routine to your life, you're much more likely to stop doing it. Force yourself to stick with your new routine for a month. The first few days will be easy, since you'll be excited about it. After that it'll get tougher, but once you get to the end of the month it'll be old hat.

I wouldn't recommend adding more that one new routine a month. Focus all of your will power on that one routine for the entire month. By the time it's routine for you a month later, you can add a new one and focus all of your will power on that. Just remember to be specific each time you add a new routine.

For example, on July 1 you might start doing a vocal exercise routine every morning, from Monday through Saturday for twenty minutes when you first wake up. Stay with this and focus your will power on that.

Once you've powered through that and made it routine, you can add a new one. On August 1, in addition to your morning vocal exercises, you might add a performance practice. Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, from 6pm to 7:30 pm. During those practices, you'll roll through your set list, practicing each song in a varied form of the original version, as mentioned in Part 1.

Keep building on new routines until you've added all the pieces you need to practice to be a great performer.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Find Your Interior Paint Color Ideas?

Are you having difficulty coming up with paint color ideas for your home? Choosing the right colors for the rooms in your home is one of the most important decorating decisions we are often confused about how to find the right colors. That's why it can be helpful to bounce off some color ideas to jumpstart the process and get some creative ideas!

Your Favorite Colors

Your home should be a reflection of your personality, and it does not matter whether it is a brand new home or an old colonial. The colors you choose should have your signature and that is why you should always begin with your favorite colors. Most people tend to have preferred color combinations or a single favorite color, and that should be used as the basic to draw your palette from.

However, it doesn't mean that if your favorite color is red, every room in the house should also be red. The concept is to begin with your favorite colors. There will also be colors that you dislike and these should be avoided within your home. The last thing you want is to be surrounded by something that you do not feel good about.

Popular Paint Colors

Paint color ideas are more varied today than ever. Visiting a paint supply store, you can get to view what are the most popular colors are for homes and keep up with trends on what people are doing for their various living spaces. Some colors such as neutrals tend to retain their popularity over the years, and may be a good option for those who only intend to paint once in a long time.

Current Color Trends

Along the same line as understanding what the popular colors are at the moment, paying attention to the current color trends for different types of homes can set your imagination on fire.

Color trends for homes evolve on a regular basis, just like those that set the color and look for fashion houses. Color trends reflect the moods and emotions of the year, and can be used to create a home that is in synonymous with the times.

The Best Combination of Colors

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the best combination of colors for your home. Your personality is just as important to the decision making process as the architecture of the home. When you have paint color ideas, do not limit yourself by ruling out any permutations; just try out the colors with the help of our experts before making that final decision. The right color combination can make every room in your home stand out yet feel inviting.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4 Tips to Attract People to Your Paintings

When you look at a painting, your eyes naturally dart about but quickly come to rest on a place in the painting that makes you focus and think. That is, if it is a good painting created by an artist that has a workable technique and understanding of the area of interest. Some artist refer to this as the focal point. It is the starting point for the viewer of the painting. More than likely, it is probably what inspired the title of the painting. Whether you are a new artist, or an experienced artist, you should spend an adequate amount of time planning this small area in your painting. I say small, because it seldom should be more than a fraction of the entire work (some say no more than a sixteenth), but it should be the most intriguing part.

Imagine this, you want to paint a landscape scene where the light is filtering through trees creating a sun dappled patch in a small clearing of grass. The clearing is near a babbling brook from which a young fawn drinks. The fawn's mother stands off to the side, but nearby. She keenly stares in the direction of your assumed viewer with a look of anticipation, as if sensing danger. As an artist, you see the anticipation of the deer's expression in your mind's eye, and you imagine the emotion of the viewer, hoping they will be concerned that the deer may mistake them for a hunter.

Can it be? Can you really pull this off? You can if you have a clear understanding of color, chroma, contrasting values, directional shapes, and hard and soft edges. You have an artist license and you can create anything you can imagine. Whether this is true, or not, this you must believe before you attempt the work of art.

Imagine the difference of the scene being photographed instead of painted. In a photograph, the deer will still be the focal point, but in many cases the focal point of a photograph isn't near as captivating as a good painting. Why is this? It is because a photograph has details all throughout the picture. These details dull the center of interest. If you have any doubt about this, paint details equally throughout the painting and see how you confuse the viewer and dilute the main focal point. A painting should emphasize details only when necessary.

For example, painting details of tree trunks, leaves, or grass may be important in the area surrounding the deer, but the remaining trees and foliage in your painting works best if left more vague. The sun dappled patch around the stream should be more brilliant. An occasional directional shape of a limb or tree may help direct the viewers eyes to the area.

Here are 4 tips to help you attract people to your paintings.

Use contrasting values in the area of interest. They will immediately grab the viewers attention. This is especially true if you use a real dark hue next to a real light one.

How to use color in the area of interest is most important. Select a special color you only intend to use here. No matter how much, or how little you use it, do not use it anywhere else in the painting. Also, always use more brilliance in the focal point. Remember, colors that have their complements placed next to them are compelling to the eye, so use adjacent complements whenever possible.

Directional shapes work well, but always use them with moderation. Give this plenty of thought in advance in the planning stage. if directional shapes are overused, your painting will become a ho-hum instead of a masterpiece. An example of directional shapes are trees, limbs, stems, rivers, roads, houses, rooftops, buildings, signs,fences, and almost any angle or line that can indicate direction.

Use less detail and softer edges in the area outside of the focal point. Paint crisper edges and more detail within it.
In conclusion, pay particular attention to how you paint your focal area. This should be the most intriguing area of the entire painting. If you concentrate on the use of color, crisp and soft edges, contrasting values, and directional shapes, then you will have a more compelling painting. Challenge yourself to study and learn, and you will create your masterpiece. The main thing, keep painting.
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