Monday, June 11, 2012

Ten Tips for Booking Good Performers

Ten tips for booking good performers in the industry do have a problem faced by many clients: "How do I know if my players to book any good?" This is quite a puzzle - there are many substandard players out there, but certainly no one with sense would sell themselves as anything but a professional standard. Here are my top ten tips to make sure that you are not getting ripped off when booking performers.

1) Make sure they have proper insurance documents

If you are looking to hire an artist then you should check out the show they have the right insurance. In the UK a lot of players who are insured as part of their membership to trade equities. If you order a player fires, they also need to have additional insurance for the use of fire. If an entertainer can not provide proof of insurance then you should avoid immediately.

2) Ask to see some videos

This is especially important if you are ordering a very visual action such as fire circus performer or artist. Any company worth their salt should have some good footage available - watch carefully. If it's a promo video and often will not be a good indication of talent - do not be afraid to ask to see another clip of raw footage. If they are reluctant to send it to you then alarm bells should be ringing.

3) Check the photos carefully

In the era of photo editing software has made it very easy for companies to make themselves look bigger and better than they actually are - in fact most companies will at least touch up their photos. If this happens try to break away from whatever background they have enough to put themselves in - instead of looking at the quality of costumes and whether or not this is a shot or a photo studio to live performances. In photographs the work will give a better idea of ​​who or what will emerge in the evening.

4) Look for a good testimonial

This is often a tricky one - it is, after all, fairly easy for someone to type fast some of your own testimonial and give them a random name. Far more valuable is a testimonial from company - look to the company and do not be afraid to ask for details of the players on the work they do for them. If you make a big order could even be worth the time to check with the company itself. Testimonials can also be a great way to measure how long the company has gone.

5) Consider the pre-show their professionalism

Many talented players can be completely disappointed by the lack of professionalism. Do they use the proper spelling in grammar or how quickly they respond to e-mail may seem like irrelevant details when dealing with a player but this is not the case. Professionalism beyond the show itself is generally a good indication that the offender will act professionally at the show itself.

6) Do not pay too much or too little

Most professionals in the arts industry performance will cost between £ 250 - £ 450 per day. This may make you act a stage, or a few hours of entertainment walkabout, or someone on the stage for the evening - this figure is very likely remain the same regardless of the activity. This is because a player can really only do one show a day at most and they have to meet the needs of more than a month - you pay more for their practice of the time on the show itself. Between £ 250 and £ 450 is about right - anyone charging less than you want to seriously question whether they are appropriate professional, again and you might get ripped off. There are some exceptional players who can simply charge more than this - one would be able to provide more than enough evidence to convince you that they are worth the investment.

7) Check the online reviews of independent

This is a tricky one - the group will not have a lot of the performance of independent reviews that you can easily find. This is due to the simple fact that many people can not be bothered to write a review. More than it could be the case that the company has reviewed its own independently in an effort to improve the ranking in the directory. It is worth checking for the review is really just to see if there is a very bad one kicking about - if the client is completely happy with the players to work then it may be safer to avoid using them.

8) Make sure you fully understand the content that you buy.

When booking entertainment, it is important that you get a good understanding of what it would appear at night. If you are unsure of anything then ask for clarification.

9) Consider the source of some of the places

If you run a big event can actually be worth using some of the entertainment company. While it may mean a little more work to organize it reduces the chances that you'll end up with a whole team of substandard performance.

10) Believe in your intuition!

If it looks dodgy - maybe this! Trust your gut.

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