Monday, August 13, 2012

The Art of Painting

Have you ever wondered what it takes? To create a work of art? Is the artistic genius, talent? Or can it be taught? Some people like to believe that it could, but let's be honest: the real work of art can only come from the artists themselves. Painting is just another form of art, but it takes talent to disappoint. From the moment an artist carefully take their brush to the last stroke of color ... that's what creates unique pieces ... that art is about: the creation. Anyone can copy a picture, try painting but the only artist who could do it. Only he can bring the mind and emotions together to form a whole. Whether it's decorative abstract art, landscape painting original or original flower paintings, these are just labels, but they were still painting and artwork. Artists are not made, they were born. The painting is part of their lives and their history is put on canvas ... they talk and share with the world. Each work of art should be appreciated for what it really is: a unique masterpiece.

And then we come to the second part of the process: selling art. For centuries, artists starve themselves to death before receiving a good enough price for their art. They looked up to their talent, but they almost did not survive from day to day. Portrait painting is a type recognized for their courage, the rest seem to just toss it aside. The beauty of the work of many artists' recognized only after their death: it is a sad fact, but true. With time, the art evolved. It started to create the shape, the imagination is freed. Art stopped being about the suitability and began expanding the boundaries of one's imagination. Modern artists like Picasso came, Matisse and Derain. They live like a true artist, but people who have recently discovered a new early as in the arts. Middle-class residents who want to provide for their families. A painter or artist from the humble beginnings of art are still not widely recognized that arise from day to day. Their talent is obvious, but it is still in its early stages it is formed. Create custom art to be like them, they are so engrossed in the creation process. It is all very difficult, of making art to sell to the shipment and to make a profit. It is as stressful as other jobs. At this day and age, art has become something that can be easily bought and made, a real artist talent a little but it still can be found.

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